Legislate is ranked 65 in TechRound's 2021 top 100 startups, businesses and entrepreneurs

November 24, 2021

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Oxford, 24 November 2021 - Legislate is ranked 65 in TechRound's 100 2021.

Legislate is pleased to announce that it has been ranked 65 in TechRound's Top 100 startups, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Feedback from the judges show that TechRound received over 3,000 applications to its Top 100, putting Legislate in the top 2%.

Founded in 2020, and less than 2 years old, Legislate is delighted to feature amongst such established businesses. The team looks forward to helping more businesses create fair and robust contracts on no legal budget thanks to its patented technology.

Ahead of next years TechRound 100, Legislate plans to implement new and novel ways of creating, accessing and using contract data to provide users with a seamless and previously unseen contracting experience.

Read about Legislate's TechRound 100 Feature.

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