Startups 100: Legislate Named on Annual Index of Disruptive UK Startups

January 9, 2023

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The UK’s longest-running index of the 100 most disruptive and innovative small businesses has been announced, and Legislate has been listed at number 92.

For the 15th year, has identified which UK businesses launched in the last five years are making waves. The list showcases the best of British innovation and entrepreneurship.

Legislate is a legal technology company founded in Oxford in 2020 which makes it easy for non-lawyers to safely create, manage and search lawyer-approved contracts on no legal budget. Legislate's contract management software is built on patented knowledge graph technology which makes contract data usable and searchable. 100 logo

How the startups were selected

The index comprises businesses that are UK-based, privately owned, and launched after 1 January 2017. A weighted score is given to every business entrant based on five key areas of analysis:

● Finance

● External validation

● Size of opportunity

● Innovation

● Strength of concept

These scores are then averaged out to give us our overall ranking for the Startups 100 Index 2023.

The judging panel included influential business figures like Sahar Hashemi OBE, Alison Loveday, Deann Evans, Christopher Kenna, Ian Wallis, Rachel McClelland, Andrea Pattico, and Eloise Skinner.

Editor of Richard Parris says: 

"The 2023 Startups 100 shows businesses don’t have to sacrifice profits to have purpose. Against a backdrop of gloomy global events we can see UK entrepreneurs creating new ventures that not only create jobs but also make a real difference to the world around them - I think this is the inspiration we all need to take into the year ahead.”

About is an online UK business resource. It was founded in 2000 and is estimated at having 4.8 million readers. The platform provides guidance to entrepreneurs, small businesses, founders, investors and other related parties on all matters concerning small businesses in the UK.


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