Legislate ranks in the top 10 startups disrupting the legal tech industry

October 6, 2021

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Oxford, 6 October 2021 - Legislate ranks in the top 10 startups disrupting the legal tech industry according to NewLaw Academy’s latest report.

In the report, CEO Charles Brecque shares his views on the industry and where it is headed: “I’m excited that it’s now acceptable and even expected to contract digitally in the cloud. Moving to the cloud streamlines the whole contract creation and negotiation process, but more importantly democratises contract management platforms which would otherwise only be used by law firms or in-house legal teams. The unlawyered have been largely unserved by the legal tech market, so we are excited at Legislate to bring modern, cloud based contract management to small businesses who can’t afford or justify a full-time legal counsel."

"As a result, I believe that compliance as a service will establish itself as a category in the legal industry. This new category is digitalising legal tasks which have been signed off by a lawyer, but thanks to technology don’t require a lawyer for the task to be performed. This is valuable in particular for low value legal tasks which don’t justify a lawyer but need to be done right. For example, generating legal templates such as employment agreements."

The legal tech report provides an overview of the legal tech landscape, funding and how law firms can gain a competitive edge with technology.

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