Legislate participates in LexisNexis panel on the future of legal tech

January 19, 2022

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London, 19 January 2022 -  Legislate participates in the LexisNexis panel on the future of legal tech, organised by the International Law Book Facility. The panel was chaired by Ellen Lake, Senior Associate at Clifford Chance, member of Clifford Chance's Tech Group and member of the ILBF’s Operating Committee. The other panelists were Chris O’Connor, Director of Solutions at LexisNexis UK and Frankie Garcia, Product Manager at Mind Foundry.

The panelists answered questions around the challenges for developing legal tech, what the future of legal tech looks like and why is bias something to consider when thinking about AI and justice?

Legislate founder and CEO, Charles Brecque, shared his views on how legal tech will evolve, stating that we will begin to see a democratisation of legal tech products and discussed how standardising templates will fit into the current legal framework. Charles discussed how the development of legal tech products aimed at the general public would pose little threat to traditional lawyer-driven practices but dramatically improve the quality of standard agreements.

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