What contract do I need to to let out a property to holiday makers?

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If you need to to let out a property you should consider using a Holiday Letting Agreement. This page will explain why and how to create your next Holiday Letting Agreement.

A holiday letting agreement allows a property owner to let out their property for a short period of time to holiday makers. A holiday letting agreement provides a licence to the holiday maker to occupy the property but it is not a tenancy agreement. This means that the holiday maker has less rights than a tenant as the property they will be renting is not their main home.

A holiday letting agreement will specify what the holiday maker can or can't do in the property during the term of the licence. For example, they might not be permitted pets or host events with more than 10 people.

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A holiday letting agreement will also detail key clauses such as whether the holiday maker needs to provide a deposit or leave the property to a certain standard of cleanliness on check out.

Holiday letting agreements are a great way to generate additional income from a second home or main home whilst you are away. However, it is important to ensure the terms of the agreement are clearly spelled out to prevent surprises.

To create a holiday letting agreement which meets your requirements and protects your rights as a landlord, simply register with Legislate and answer some simple questions about your let. In minutes, Legislate will build a custom holiday letting agreement which will allow you to let out your property to holiday makers in a secure and legally compliant way.

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