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What is a Holiday Letting Agreement?

A holiday letting agreement allows a person or business to licence their property to a holidaymaker for a fixed period of time. This means that it is not the licensee's main home and the agreement does not constitute a tenancy.

Key features of the Legislate Holiday Letting Agreement

  • Optional clauses for permitted guests and pets
  • Allows the licensor to brand the agreement
  • Lawyer reviewed and written in plain English
  • Clearly defines the obligations and rights of the Licensor and Licensee

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Main benefits of creating your Holiday Letting agreements with Legislate

  • Easily manage your holiday lettings from your legislate dashboard
  • Give your licensees confidence by offering a professional contracting experience
  • Create all the additional documents you might need during your landlord journey

How to create a Holiday Letting Agreement with Legislate

To create a holiday letting agreement on Legislate simply set the terms of the letting and invite the holidaymaker to the agreement. Once they have previewed the agreement and accepted the terms, you can both sign the agreement.


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