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A properly drafted one-way non-disclosure agreement will protect both parties, especially if the candidate is already employed by another company.

A non-disclosure agreement (also known as an NDA) protects confidential information which is intended to be disclosed to a receiving party in order to satisfy a purpose. For example, two businesses might need to share proprietary information with each other in order to assess whether a commercial partnership is worth pursuing or not. Information which is disclosed for this purpose will need to remain confidential for a certain period which is agreed in the agreement. The confidentiality term will depend on the strategic value of the information being disclosed and the industry of the parties.

A one-way non-disclosure agreement is used when only one of the parties intends to dislcose confidential information.

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When hiring candidates, it is sometimes required to shared confidential information about the business in order to assess how they think about problems and to determine if they'll be a good fit for a role.

A one-way non disclosure agreement is an appropriate way for disclosing strategic information to potential candidates whilst ensuring the information remains protected. This will prevent the candidate from using or sharing the information with a competitor should they not be hired.

Legislate's one-way non-disclosure agreement is easy to create and invite candidates to which means that it won't disrupt the interview flow and will allow you to protect your confidential information.

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