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Here are the key terms of a Full-time employment contract for Product Manager when and how to create one and additional tips from Legislate.

A Product Manager also known as a PM is a person who manages the development of a software application or a component of a software application. A Product Manager will collect customer feedeback and requirements to refine a product roadmap. The Product Manager will then share the roadmap with the tech team and ensure tickets are created to implement the tasks and features.

An employment agreement allows an employer to hire an employee. An employment contract specifies the rights and obligations of the employer and the employee. An employment contract will specify key information such as the employee's role, salary, work location, hours and holidays.

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A full-time employee will work between 35 and 40 hours a week usually spread over 5 days.

Employment contracts for Product Managers have confidentiality provisions as a Product Manager will process and be aware of most of the employer's confidential and sensitive information including source code and technical know how.

Legislate's employment contract is suited to Product Managers as it has the appropriate confidentiality provisions and addiitonal clauses can be added should the Product Manager work remotely or do some form of software development as part of their role.

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