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Here are the key terms of a Full-time employment contract for a Python developer when and how to create one and additional tips from Legislate.

Python is an in interpreted high-level general-purpose programming langugage which has gained traction in recent users thanks to the popularity of machine learning and data science. Python developers can work on the back-end of software applications or alternatively on the analysis of data using machine learning libraries such as scikit learn.

An employment agreement allows an employer to hire an employee. An employment contract specifies the rights and obligations of the employer and the employee. An employment contract will specify key information such as the employee's role, salary, work location, hours and holidays.

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A full-time employee will work between 35 and 40 hours a week usually spread over 5 days.

Employment contracts for Python developers usually have addiitonal provisions on intellectual property rights, the use of open-source libraries and data protection.

Legislate's employment contract contains provisions specific to Python developers including language around the use of open-source software libraries during the course of employment. This is important because certain open-source libraries require the disclosure of the software application's source code which can breach the employee's confidentiality provisions.

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