Fixed-term Employment contract for a Store manager

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Let's find out what are the key terms of a fixed-term contract, when you should create one, and how to correctly execute it.

An employment agreement allows an employer to hire an employee. An employment contract specifies the rights and obligations of the employer and the employee. An employment contract will specify key information such as the employee's role, salary, work location, hours and holidays.

A fixed-term employee is entitled to most of the same employment rights as a full-time employee such as pension but will have a fixed term contract. A fixed-term employee can be full-time or part-time.

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A store manager is responsible for managing the operations of a store. This involves managing staff, inventory and commercial operations.

Employment contracts for store managers aim to incentivise performance whilst protecting the employer's confidential information.

Legislate's employment contract is suitable for store managers as incentives and the conditions for unlocking them can be customised on a case by a case basis. Moreover, intellectual property and confidentiality provisions exist to protect the employer's business

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