Did Seedcamp invest in Sylvera?

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Seedcamp invested in Sylvera in 2020.

About Seedcamp

Seedcamp is a European seed-stage venture capital fund which was launched in London in 2007. Seedcamp has a successful track record of being the earliest backer of a number of leading companies such as Revolut, Wise, Hopin and UiPath. Seedcamp tend to have standard investment and legal terms for the pre-seed round and will follow the terms of lead investors at the seed round. Seedcamp will lead pre-seed investment rounds but will partner with other lead investors for seed rounds. Seedcamp tends to invest £300k in exchange for 6-7% at the pre-seed level and £500k at the seed level.

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About Sylvera

Sylvera is the world’s first carbon offset ratings provider. It leverages geospatial data, machine learning and proprietary climate data to create a reliable and transparent assessment of carbon offset projects.

Why did Seedcamp invest in Sylvera?

Seedcamp backed the founders of Sylvera because they had a strong conviction that they had what it took to bring a new level of transparency to a market that is expected to grow tremendously over the next few years. Moreover, Seedcamp fundamentally believe that if you can’t measure it or track it, it’s very hard to act on it, so in that spirit they backed Sylvera for the bold vision they have to provide clarity on offset decisions and confidence in choices companies have in pushing for positive climate impact.

To find out more, visit the websites of Seedcamp and Sylvera.

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