Did Balderton invest in Tessian?

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Balderton invested in Tessian in 2018.

About Balderton

Balderton Capital is a London based venture capital fund which invests in European founders with a global ambition. It has invested in over 230 companies since 2000 including Revolut, CityMapper and Vivino.

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About Tessian

Tessian is a Machine Intelligence startup which protects companies against the problem of highly sensitive information being sent to the wrong person on email.

Why did Balderton invest in Tessian?

“What Tessian have done – and this is why we are so excited about them – is apply machine intelligence to understand how humans communicate with each other and use that deeper understanding to secure enterprise email networks,” said Balderton Capital partner Suranga Chandratillake

To find out more, visit the websites of Balderton and Tessian.

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