Did Balderton invest in Qubit?

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Balderton invested in Qubit in 2012.

About Balderton

Balderton Capital is a London based venture capital fund which invests in European founders with a global ambition. It has invested in over 230 companies since 2000 including Revolut, CityMapper and Vivino.

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About Qubit

Qubit's personalisation platform helps brands meet the demands of the Apple, Google and Uber generation of consumers, where user experience trumps marketing hype. Built around the needs of omnichannel businesses, its technology collects detailed information about users' interactions with a website and analyses it to identify patterns of behaviour that drive onsite revenue and inspire business-wide optimisation decisions. Founded in 2010 by four ex-Googlers, Qubit is headquartered in London with offices in New York and Paris.

Why did Balderton invest in Qubit?

Balderton's general partner, Bernard Liautaud explains that what’s most impressive with the QuBit approach is that they’ve created more than a point solution; they’ve already developed a comprehensive suite of products that let website owners collect, understand and act upon the huge amounts of data generated by customer interaction with their websites.

To find out more, visit the websites of Balderton and Qubit.

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