Can I create a Lodger Licence contract with HelloSign?

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HelloSign is a US based provider of e-signatures which was acquired by Dropbox in 2019. HelloSign’s product suite spans capabilities like eSignature and online fax with HelloSign and HelloFax, to fully customizable document workflow solutions with HelloWorks and HelloSign API.

A lodger licence contract allows a live-in landlord to rent a room in their main home to a lodger. A lodger is an excluded occupier which means that they do not have exclusive possession of their room. As a result, a lodger is not a tenant and has less rights than under an assured shorthold tenancy as they are living in the landlord's main home. A lodger will usually licence the room for a couple of weeks or months.

HelloSign do not offer a Lodger Licence contract template. To create a Lodger Licence contract with HelloSign you will need to upload your own template. Moreover, you won't be able to make edits to the lodger agreement in HelloSign once the template has been uploaded. Updating a template will therefore require updating the document outside of HelloSign and then uploading it again.

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Can I create a Lodger Licence contract with Legislate?

Legislate allows you to create a Lodger Licence contract which are tailored to your needs. Legislate templates are lawyer-approved and can be tailored to your specific requirements by answering simple questions.

What are the benefits of using Legislate vs HelloSign for creating a Lodger Licence contract?

Using an e-signature service like HelloSign means you need to source reliable lodger agreement templates, tailor them to your requirements with a lawyer and then circulate them with the other side for review and e-signature. Legislate replaces all these steps and tools with a single end-to-end contract management platform which offers a library of lawyer-approved templates which can be customised to your situation. Simply select the contract you would like to create, set the terms and invite parties for e-signature, directly within Legislate.

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