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What contracts can I create on Legislate?

Legislate offers a number of essential lawyer approved contracts for small businesses, landlords and letting agents including NDAs, employment contracts, and tenancy agreements. A complete list can be found on our contract page. Find out more about which contracts you can create with each plan.

What if I only want to create one contract?

Legislate plans are tailored around the number of employees or properties you wish to manage. You can create as many contracts or documents as you wish for a given employee or property.

Can I cancel my subscription?

All subscriptions are monthly by default and can be cancelled by going into the billing section of your account. Your subscription will expire at the end of the billing period and you can use your contract budget till then. You'll still be able to access your contracts and account after the expiry of your subscription.

Can I still access my contracts after cancelling my subscription?

You can still access your contracts and account after your subscription has expired.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

You can upgrade your subscription at any point during an active month. You will be charged on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of the month. If you downgrade your subscription, the new tier will start the following billing cycle.

Is Legislate insured?

Yes Legislate has insurance for claims made against its software service.

Does Legislate provide Legal advice?

Legislate is a contract management platform, we do not provide legal advice.

Can I make changes to the contract templates?

The terms of a contract can be changed on Legislate by clicking the ‘Terms’ tab, but the wording of the clauses generated cannot be changed. Please contact us if you require special changes to your contract.

Do you offer support?

New members have the option to be onboarded by one of our team members. Alternatively, go to Legislate’s Help Centre where you can access the integrated chat service and speak to a staff member. Business customers have access to priority support.

Does Legislate work on mobile?

Legislate is mobile friendly and can be accessed on any device from your favourite browser.

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