What to Expect If You're Arrested for Drug Possession

Valentina GolubovicValentina Golubovic
Last updated on:
October 18, 2023
Published on:
October 18, 2023

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The thought of getting arrested, regardless of the context, is terrifying to many people. Flashing lights, snapping handcuffs, and then you hear an officer of the law reading your rights. It is an ordeal that can last a few minutes but turn out to be very petrifying. It is especially the case if you are arrested for the possession of drugs or controlled substances. However, the steps you take in the minutes and hours following your arrest can dictate the course your case will follow. In this article, we look at what you should do when you get arrested regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty.

1.   Stay Calm and Cooperate With the Cops

Feelings of confusion and fear are often experienced during an arrest. You may be tempted to try and get away or defend yourself at the scene of arrest but this will only do more harm than good. You may face more severe charges for crimes such as resisting arrest or self-incrimination. If a tussle ensues in the process, officers may be forced to use more force to subdue you which may result in severe injuries.

You should remember that getting arrested does not necessarily mean that you are guilty. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Remain calm, no matter how hard this may be, and cooperate fully with the officers.

2.   Stay Silent

The U.S. constitution does not obligate you to speak to the officers when placed under arrest. Other than providing identifying information, you don’t have to say anything else according to the fifth amendment. If they push you to discuss the details of your case, politely decline and demand to speak to your lawyer. You are free to decline to answer every question posed without facing any repercussions. The key is to remain direct and respectful to avoid angering police officers looking to make the charges stick.

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3.   Call an Attorney

Getting arrested for possession of controlled substances is a relatively serious case and the only way you can navigate the charges is with the help of an experienced attorney. Remember, not all attorneys are familiar with drug charges so make sure you call a drug crime lawyer. These attorneys specialise in this type of charges and can help you understand the penalties and possible consequences. They will also offer advice on how you can best defend yourself based on the facts of your case.

Throughout your interaction with your attorney, remember that this is their field of expertise and listen to everything they say. Your friends and family may have your best interests at heart but they are not law professionals and their advice is often a result of clouded judgment.

4.   Stay Out of Trouble

If your attorney manages to get out on bail, the last thing you want is to get rearrested for anything, especially another drug charge. Any additional arrest, even a minor traffic offence, will only make your case harder to defend. As you await a court date, go on with your life as normal and avoid anything that qualifies as an infraction. Even a night out with friends can turn into an arrest so make sure to avoid this.


Drug charges can be serious but you can navigate this landscape successfully if you follow these tips. Having an attorney by your side throughout the process is the single most important thing. They will help you understand the law and your case better, making it easier to come up with a solid defense.

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