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Last updated on:
November 19, 2022
Published on:
October 24, 2022

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When you have a growing business and employees spread across multiple locations, it can be hard to stay on top of all staff and processes. This is where a human resource information system can help—it can make everything easier by keeping all the valuable information in one place.

What is Hibob?

Hibob or bob is a modern HR platform. It prides itself on being easy to use for employees, HR professionals and managers. It provides solutions for employee onboarding, compensation management, payroll, time off and attendance tracking, employee performance and many other employment-related metrics and features.

What solutions does Hibob provide?

HR platforms can differ slightly however most should help track the following areas.

Payroll function

Hibob can help you manage and keep track of your payroll function by integrating with payroll providers such as Xero, Cloudpay, Payfit and others.

Onboarding new employees

You can streamline the onboarding experience for both hirers and new starters by having a clear checklist and tasks for employees to complete. This also ensures compliance as everything which an employee needs to complete is done at the right time.

Time off and attendance management

Hibob can make it easy for employees to request time off, managers to approve such requests and HR teams to monitor and track this. Such a solution can also make key metrics readily available for company-wide use.

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Benefits of using HR platforms

The premise behind Hibob is to create a seamless process from onboarding to people management. It also aims to enhance employee experience leading to greater employee satisfaction and retention.

Creates efficiency

A HR platform creates efficiency by keeping all HR data in one place. It reduces the need for any other tedious filing system, saving the company resources. HR staff can access data in one place with a few clicks allowing them to

Enforces Compliance

Having a process in place as well as a clear record of employee data relating to time off, payroll, attendance and performance ensure compliance across the board. Such systems will also expedite the audit process for the organisation.

Frees up time

It's a great way for employers or HR professionals to stay organised and on top of things when it comes to hiring, onboarding and other tasks. Such a platform can help you manage company time and resources so you can focus on other important areas of the business.

Other useful HR platforms

  • BambooHR
  • monday.com
  • BreatheHR
  • CezanneHR
  • Personio

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