Landlord tips for staging a rental property

Valentina GolubovicValentina Golubovic
Last updated on:
December 23, 2023
Published on:
September 8, 2022

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Staging your property is an essential part of the renting process, but more often than not, it's overlooked. The importance of staging when listing your property to rent may seem overwhelming at first, but we have a few tips which should help you.

Importance of staging your property

Staging will help to set your property apart from your competitors, allowing you to maximise your returns. Your rental property is your asset, and the income that asset will generate for you will depend on the demand and rental price of the property. A properly staged home can increase the demand and rent price you can charge the client. 

A well-staged property will also increase the tenants’ confidence in the property and you as a landlord. It will show that you are responsible for maintaining the property, which can again drive demand. 

Tips for staging 

Clean and decluttered

A clean and clutter-free space has a lot of potentials as it allows candidates to envision themselves living in the property. Clutter, on the other hand, can deter tenants. Having clutter also means it's harder to clean, which can result in excess dust.

If you are taking viewings or wish to take pictures while current tenants are still at the property, give plenty of notice for the tenants to prepare the home.


A bright, airy space will likely be in the tenant's criteria, right after price and location. The internet is full of research that suggests a correlation between natural light and happiness. In addition to mental health benefits, having an apartment that lets in natural light will complement the interior design and instantly improve the room's aesthetic. 

If you are not fortunate enough to have a property with south-facing windows to bring which receive the most direct sunlight throughout the day, there are a few things you can do to make your property appear to have more natural light:

  1. Consider placing mirrors opposite windows to reflect light and give the illusion of space 
  2. Open curtains as wide as possible to let in natural light
  3. Turn on the light when taking pictures or showing
  4. Refresh walls and ceiling with white or light paint
  5. Clean windows (inside and outside)
  6. Light furniture

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High ceiling illusion

Consider hanging curtains the entire length of the wall as opposed to just above the window. Full-length curtains will elongate the wall giving the illusion of a high ceiling, making your property look more expensive.

Painting walls and ceiling the same colour can also give the illusion of a high ceiling and a bigger space as it provides a seamless finish between where the wall ends and the ceiling begins as opposed to bold and choppy lines. The safest way to achieve this is to have white walls and a white ceiling, as it makes decorating or refreshing the place much more manageable, cheap and fast. 

Finishing touches

When taking pictures of your property or showing prospective tenants consider adding decorative touches to allow tenants to view the property as a home. For example, setting the dinner table and having a plant can bring life to a dull living room, while adding cushions and a blanket can add warmth to a plain-looking living room or bedroom. 

Be mindful of having decorative pieces that complement the furniture and the current colour scheme. Otherwise, they can be distracting and give the room an awkward feel.

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