5 Reasons Why Family Lawyers Need to Embrace Technology

Valentina GolubovicValentina Golubovic
Last updated on:
October 20, 2023
Published on:
October 20, 2023

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Many industries have adapted technology and embraced the benefits it has to offer. However, the field of law continues to lag behind when it comes integrating technology into their practices. Even though it is one of the few traditional professions remaining, the legal profession can be easily affected by technology through the creation of new tech-oriented roles. As the number of law firms taking advantage of available technology continues to grow, one question still looms; why should family law professionals embrace technology? By exploring the implications of technology, we look to provide some key reasons why every family lawyer should take advantage.

1. Legal Research

The legal industry is changing every day with new precedents and law amendments and staying up to date with all changes can be daunting.  With technology, you can gain a competitive edge over other law firms by staying updated on the latest developments in family law. Even in instances where you need to refer to precedents dating a few decades back, you can take advantage of artificial intelligence tools to find and break down details that could be key to your case.

AI guarantees speed and accuracy, both of which are vital in the legal field. They can analyze and extract required data in a short time so you can spend more of your time preparing your argument.

2. Improving Communication With Clients

Your success as a family lawyer depends largely on how well you can communicate with your clients. By embracing technology, you can maintain real-time contact with your clients without worrying about geographical boundaries. It is through effective communication that family law practices like Freed Marcroft Divorce Attorneys have established a solid reputation. Streamlined communication can develop better relationships with your clients which improves overall satisfaction and creates trust.


Video conferencing tools are a good example. You can facilitate face to face meetings and consultations with clients who cannot make it to your office. Creating online portals allows customers to access information relevant to their case such as case updates and court hearings.

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3. Improve Efficiency and Productivity

In a profession where you spend most of your time going through legal documents and conducting research, maintaining productivity can be quite difficult. Software tools allow you to automate some tasks which frees up more time for you to handle more important matters like meeting clients, growing your practice, and handling complex cases. Automated document management tools can help you sort your case files, legal contracts, and other legal documents so you can retrieve them easily when needed.

4. Gain a Competitive Edge

The legal field is characterized by high and aggressive competitions since clients are at liberty to choose from any of the many options available. Clients have a wide range of options to choose from and technology allows you to stay ahead of the rest. You can provide clients with convenient and accessible legal services they wouldn’t get elsewhere.


You can switch to online consultations and communicate using video conferencing tools and emails so clients don’t have to get to your office. Online case management tools can also help you beat off competition.

5. Protect Client Confidentiality

As a lawyer, breaches affecting your clients’ data can have severe consequences. Technology can help you make sure that all information and documentation related to your clients remains confidential. You can use secure communication tools with state-of-the-art encryption to secure sensitive information and circumvent cyber threats and breaches. Cloud-based systems can offer safe storage for vital client documents and files which you can only access through proper authentication.


Family lawyers cannot run from the fact that technology is here to stay and could revolutionize a family law practice. From the benefits listed above, it is clear that any law firm looking to move to the next level should embrace technology to increase productivity and improve their reputation.

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