What contract do I need to to share information about my business to a potential candidate?

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If you need to share information about your business in order to assess a potential candidate, you should consider using a non-disclosure agreement. This page will explain why you should protect your confidential information and how you can create your next non-disclosure agreement.

A non-disclosure agreement is a type of contract which prevents the recipient of confidential information from using it for their personal gain or disclosing it to the public. A non-disclosure agreement needs to define the purpose of the disclosure as information disclosed outside of the purpose will not be treated as confidential. Confidential information will be protected for a term which must be agreed between the discloser and the recipient and will vary based on the strategic value of the information and industry standards. Finally, a non-disclosure agreement can have one discloser (1-way) or have both parties disclose information in which case the agreement is a mutual non-disclosure agreement.

Before offering a full-time position to a candidate, it can be useful to share information about your business to assess how they might perform in the role. It is therfore important to protect the information you disclose both from the public and potential competitors should you decide to not hire the candidate.

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Since you will be the only discloser of confidential information, a 1-way non-disclosure agreement will be sufficient to share confidential information with the candidate.

Whilst non-disclosure agreements are standard, it is important to make sure they contain essential clauses such as the obligations, injunctive relief and survivorship.

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