One-way Non-Disclosure Agreement for sharing financial information with an investor

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The Legislate one-way non disclosure agreement is the perfect legal tool to ensure that the information you are disclosing does not get into the wrong hands.

A non-disclosure agreement (also known as an NDA) protects confidential information which is intended to be disclosed to a receiving party in order to satisfy a purpose. For example, two businesses might need to share proprietary information with each other in order to assess whether a commercial partnership is worth pursuing or not. Information which is disclosed for this purpose will need to remain confidential for a certain period which is agreed in the agreement. The confidentiality term will depend on the strategic value of the information being disclosed and the industry of the parties.

A one-way non-disclosure agreement is used when only one of the parties intends to dislcose confidential information.

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Whilst investors won't usually sign a non-disclosure agreement at the initial stage of discussions with a company they're interested in investing in, they should at a later stage when they are running final due dilligence and looking at the company's sensitive information such as financial data.

A one-way non disclosure agreement will protect the disclosure of sensitive corporate information by the company to the potential investor. This will for example prevent this information from being shared to competitors or press in the event the investor chooses to pass on the opportunity.

Legislate's one-way non-disclosure agreement is easy to create and invite investors to. It offers sufficient protection to the company without compromising the smoothness of the due dilligence process.

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