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If you are going to take on Able seafarer (deck) apprentices from a government-funded program, you will need to sign an apprenticeship agreement with them. This means you need to think about the terms of this agreement before you begin work with your apprentice. Here we look at what the key points to include in your apprenticeship agreement are as well as the available funding for the Able seafarer (deck) apprenticeship.

What is an apprenticeship agreement?

The apprenticeship agreement is a statutory requirement for the employment of an apprentice in connection with an approved apprenticeship standard. An apprenticeship agreement must be in place when an individual starts a statutory apprenticeship programme and should remain in place throughout the apprenticeship. The end date is when the end-point assessment is due to be completed.

What does the Able seafarer (deck) apprenticeship involve?

The Able seafarer (deck) apprenticeship typically lasts 18 months and the end of qualification assessment is provided by Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

The apprentice will learn to work as part of the navigation department on ships and other vessels, keeping watch and maintain safety and security, and carry out a range of practical tasks.

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Under what Government Apprenticeship Standard does the Able seafarer (deck) apprenticeship fall?

The Able seafarer (deck) apprenticeship is a Level 2 Transport and logistics apprenticeship and the maximum funding available for employers is £9,000. You can find more information about the role and funding from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

What are the key terms of the Able seafarer (deck) apprenticeship agreement?

The key terms of an apprenticeship agreement are:

  • The name of the apprentice
  • The relevant apprenticeship standard and level
  • The place of work
  • The start and end dates of the apprenticeship
  • The start and end dates of the practical period

How to create your Able seafarer (deck) apprenticeship agreement?

To create your Able seafarer (deck) apprenticeship agreement, create a Legislate account and select the agreement from the list of available contracts. Set the terms of the agreement and invite the apprentice to e-sign the contract directly from Legislate.

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