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If you are not sure how to create a lodger agreement, Legislate allows you tailor your own agreement by answering simple questions online.

A lodger licence agreement allows a live-in landlord to rent a room in their main home to a lodger. A lodger is an excluded occupier which means that they do not have exclusive possession of their room. As a result, a lodger is not a tenant and has less rights than under an assured shorthold tenancy as they are living in the landlord's main home.

A 1 month lodger licence allows a live-in landlord to rent a room to a lodger for 1 month. During this month the lodger will pay a licence fee either upfront or on a weekly basis. A lodger will be treated as an excluded occupier which means that the landlord has the right to relocated them to a different room in the property or evict them without a court order if the lodger refuses to leave after being served the appropriate notice.

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A lodger and landlord must give each other reasonable notice to terminate the licence which is usually based on the payment frequency. A lodger licence fee can be paid monthly which means that they can usually give each other 1 or 2 months' notice to terminate the agreement.

Someone seeking a short to mid-term room for less than 6 months might want to become a lodger instead of a taking on a tenancy as a lodger licence agreement offers fewer restrictions and more flexibility.

Legislate's lodger licence agreement allows the payment frequency of the licence fee to be weekly, monthly or upfront. Creating a lodger licence agreement with Legislate offers a great experience to your lodger and centralises your documents for compliance purposes.

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