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What is a How to Rent Letter?

A How to Rent Letter provides a tenant with a set of useful information before the start their tenancy. This includes the Government's How to Rent pack as well as energy safety and performance certificates.

Key features of the Legislate How to Rent Letter

  • Lawyer reviewed and written in plain English
  • Up to date with changes in the law, taking into account changes to notice periods under coronavirus legislation
  • Provide clear breakdowns of outstanding costs

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Main benefits of creating your How to Rent Letters with Legislate

  • Easily transfer over the information from your tenancy agreement to the offer letter
  • Access all the additional documents you need to let your property from start to finish including tenancy amendment letters and section 8 and 21 notices
  • Offer a better user experience to your tenants who can now access their tenancy information at any time, on any device.

How to create a How to Rent Letter with Legislate

To create a how to rent letter on Legislate simply outline the details, such as the move in date, and deposit information. You can also upload the energy safety and performance certificates to your contract. Once they have previewed the letter and accepted the terms, you can both sign the agreement.

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