Checkboard verifies everything you want to know about an individual. From affordability, ID, AML, Land registry through to employment and rent history. The best thing about Checkboard is that all the checks can be requested directly from an online platform or through various software integrations, freeing the property professional from utilising multiple software to complete their necessary background checks. The process starts with a simple link that contains all the necessary information about the property. This link is sent to the prospective individual that will proceed to fill out 5 simple steps in 5 minutes. Once the steps are done, the landlord and/or Estate Agent will receive a comprehensive rated report on their dashboard. These great features are made possible by combining the best technologies on the market and a team whose goal is to overcome the most common and time-consuming challenges in the property sector. In a nutshell, Checkboard is the most comprehensive one-stop-shop software to verify your sales, buyers, landlord and tenant verification needs.

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